Smart Cards games were created by teachers of English with a reformatory view of language teaching, in co-operation with English and American colleagues, graphic artists and enthusiastic pupils, some of them also parents themselves.

We have all experienced the magical force created by playfulness during the learning process – either at home or during a lesson. This is especially true in case of the acquisition of foreign languages. The aim of the authors of the Smart Cards-series is to provide effective help for learning and practising the English language by keeping this magical and familiar atmosphere.

The use of our games is simple: the key to the questions is on the cards, thus the correct answer is easy to check and confirm. In addition all of our games contain an additional pack that may be used in case any one of the basic packs should prove to be too difficult during the first use. (Later on learners, especially children, will acquire everything very quickly due to their natural predisposition, so the additional pack will serve as a basis for creating variety in the game).

We firmly believe that the ‘old school’ dry, grammar translation method is not effective because the basic factor for successfully communicating in a foreign language is self-confidence. Therefore, during the game, always help your child: success leads to better achievements.

The motivating effect of Smart Cards will shortly show in the school results of language learners: children engrossed in the game will communicate more confidently. According to our positive experience even those children become active during the game who are naturally more reserved.

Should you require our teachers’ opinion, help or specific ideas in any question regarding any Smart Cards game played at home, please e-mail us at .

H. Hotya (European Knowledge Transfer Publishing and Trading Ltd. 2009)