Smart Cards: a communicative board game in English


The vocabulary and questions of Smart Cards Pre-Intermediate were compiled specifically for children (ages 10 and above), pupilsand adults alike. The game includes two different levels of knowledge. This renders the game enjoyable and useful for learners on a pre-intermediate level as well as learners of English preparing for secondary school exams or a verbal language examination.


The design of the board reflects youngsters’ comics style view of the world – it both calls for attention and is seductively inspirational to communicate. Players are given the opportunity to actively use their existing knowledge or expand their vocabulary during the game. They make full sentences, solve riddles, answer questions on English/American culture, or talk about themselves, their free time, hobbies – all this in English. The second (higher) level of the game also allows for giving advice or using conditional linguistic structures while the players express their personal views. The game is made more exiting by ‘robbing’ bonus steps from each other. Smart Cards Pre-intermediate is a unique method for developing one’s active vocabulary, communicational skills and general understanding of the language.

language exam topics, reviewed humorously
practical, everyday vocabulary
more than 4000 words

everyday objects
body parts
healthy living
sports, nutrition
language learning
free time
hobbies, going out, D.I.Y.
the world of school and work
travelling, holidays
climate, weather
festivities, family, family occasions
human relations
shopping, clothing
English/American culture (music, literature, films, history, geography)

BLUE CARDS contain tasks of creating full sentences. Players are given words which they have to use to create full sentences in any tense.
This task effectively activates one’s passive vocabulary.

GREEN CARDS are the favourites of students: riddles! Players read out questions to each other. If they can answer them correctly, they may take a step forward.
This is a very effective comprehensive task.

ORANGE CARDS contain humorously reviewed representative questions of language exams (elementary, intermediate levels and secondary school exams), by shedding an up-to-date, new light on them.
This task develops one’s vocabulary and communicative skills.

RED CARDS mean surprise questions for the players. "Who was the first president of the United States?" "Which band sang a song about a Yellow Submarine?" "List a film starring Johnny Depp!" "Name London’s river!" If the player knows the answer he/she may take the maximum number of bonus steps forward.
This is a comprehensive task and is a test of one’s knowledge of cultures.

YELLOW CARDS contain creative oral tasks. Players have to give advice on the questions listed. E.g.: "Your friend wants to lose weight – what should she do?" or "What should your friend do if he really fancies a girl?" or "What advice would you give someone who would like to develop his spoken English?"
These questions provide a golden opportunity for communication while activating one’s vocabulary.

Since the board of Smart Cards Pre-intermediate is illustrated in comics style, it may also be used to practise PICTURE DESCRIPTION – a task that is an essential part of oral language exams.